JAI Fit: MMA Fitness


45 minute Interval Training at its best! Attack the body from all over with our 45 minute circuit workout and round workout.

A variety of JAI Fit Classes designed to burn fat, build lean muscle, and give you a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT in less than an hour. Suitable for all fitness levels, JAI Fit will help you reach your goals faster with our specially deisnged workouts. 

JAI Fit is held during the School holiday Period, or by Private Bookings for 1 on 1, or small group fitness classes.

JAI Fit Classes include - Circuits, TABATA, Body Weight, Kickboxing, Kickboxing 2.0, Core Conditioning, Strength and Endurance, Mystery Box Challenge and HIIT 45. 

JAI Fit classes are designed to get your body moving at maximum - or near maximum levels - for the duration of each set or round. With a variety of different exercises, JAI Fit promises to be a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT for those who are TIME CONSCIOUS or those looking for a GREAT WORKOUT in LIMITED TIME.

Tools of the trade for this class include: Medicine Balls, Dumbbells, Heavy Bags, Resistance Bands, MMA Bags, Suspension Straps, Sandbags and much more!

NO Memberships, No Contracts


JAI Fit: MMA Fitness


60 minute Fitness Session in a Championship Match

5 Minute Rounds of varying challenges with active recovery breaks of less than 1 minute.

Fighters are among the most conditioned athletes in the world. Now you have the chance to train like one without the need step into the ring. There is no contact and no experience in martial arts required!

JAI Fit: MMA Fitness is the ultimate way to get fit and stay fit. JAI Fit has it all, combining the use of body weight resistance, a variety of fitness equipment, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and kickboxing – the end result: an hour of fat burning, an increase in muscle tone, an increase in your energy levels, and improvements in your general health. Classes are designed for you to work at your own pace, so it is suitable for all fitness levels.

Every week the class structure will change, keeping things ‘fresh’ and constantly challenging the body. Classes will incorporate a mixture of:

Body Weight Resistance: Exercises such as pushups, pull ups and squats allow us to push/pull our own body weight. This type of training is a great starting point for general fitness and can be modified as you get fitter and stronger. Body Weight Resistance will be a key part in HIIT and Circuit Training.

Fitness Equipment: The use of free weights, medicine balls, suspension training and resistance bands will all help you build lean muscle and strip away fat. Free weights and medicine balls will help target the large muscles, while resistance bands and suspension training will add some excitement in your training program.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): This style of training will get you completing various activities in a certain amount of time, the quicker you finish the longer you rest – but the quicker you finish, the harder your body is working! HIIT will include a combination of free weights, body weights, resistance bands and kickboxing. Dr Izumi Tabata successfully proved that this style of training can provide maximum benefits in short amounts of time. This form of Metabolic Conditioning will burn fat and speed up your metabolism.

Circuit Training: Circuit Training will have you completing various activities within a time frame and moving from one activity to the next with limited rest time in between. This style of training will allow you to target many parts of the body and keep your exercises constantly changing. Circuit Training will feature body weight exercises, free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, suspension training and kickboxing.

Kickboxing: Punching and kicking the bag will help relieve stress, improve your coordination and offer a great stress release outlet. Kickboxing will be an included component in workouts whether they are timed sets, or part of your HIIT or Circuit Training.

JAI Fit: MMA Fitness is THE way to get in shape in a fun and friendly environment. Work at your pace and achieve your goals of losing weight, feeling great and improving your life style.


JAI Fit can be booked for Private, Semi Private and Small Group Classes. Reach your goals faster as we custom design the workout to suit your needs