The New Fitness Solution

Think about it this way - lifting weights and spending an hour on the treadmill or bike can get boring pretty quickly. Why not challenge yourself? Learn new skills and techniques that Martial Arts have to offer. Because you are constantly challenged, martial arts stimulates your mind and body more than the gym scene. This is why people who choose martial arts for exercise tend to stick with it longer than most other types of exercise. In addition to this, martial arts is a group activity, the ‘positive peer pressure’ created fosters an environment of encouragement as you work your way towards achieving your goals of fitness, life skills and martial arts. 

There are many proven benefits that Martial Arts have to offer adults. They include - More Energy and Greater Productivity, Discipline and Focus, Goal Achievement, Self Confidence, Self Defence, and Leadership.

More Energy and Greater Productivity: Billionaire Sir Richard Branson was asked “How do you increase your productivity?” His answer was one word - “Exercise”. He went on to say that exercise keeps the endorphins going, the brain functioning well, and by exercising he can achieve twice as much in a day by keeping fit. What better way to exercise than Martial Arts. Martial Arts helps burn fat and calories, builds strength, strips away stress and gives you a little ‘competition’ in your athletic life.

Discipline and Focus: With the advancements of technology we can now eat our breakfast while reading our emails while at the same time watching television. Our focus shifts from one thing to another constantly. Because of this we lack a valued character trait which is focus. Martial arts will help give you a short break from the digital demands and improve your powers of concentration. Focus is taught through rhythmic breathing and relaxation, step by step repetitive movements, personal attention, positive reinforcement and adherence to etiquette.

Goal Achievement: All of us strive towards career related goals, but not many strive towards mental and physical goals. With the martial arts, no matter your age of ability, you are constantly striving towards personal goals of achievement.

Self Confidence: Studies have linked self confidence with career advancement, success in relationships and productivity. With martial arts, as you progress through the belt ranks, you become more confident in your ability to defend yourself. Martial arts helps you build confidence by encouraging you to succeed. When you’re self assured, you approach more challenges with an ‘I can do it’ attitude.

Self Defence: Martial Arts is fun, exciting and a great way to stay in shape. But don’t forget that martial arts also teaches you self defence skills. You will experience improvements in your agility, balance, endurance, flexibility and even strength. Martial arts will teach you not only HOW to defend yourself, but also how to AVOID physical confrontations. If you’re going to spend time exercising, why not learn a skill at the same time?

Leadership: As a culmination of the previous benefits of martial arts – energy and productivity, focus, goal achievement, self confidence and self defence – comes Leadership. All the above mentioned traits are attributes of a leader. Speaking in front of a group and communicate effectively, setting good examples for others, mentoring lower ranks to succeed, these are all qualities of a leader.

All of these skills are useful to your career, your profession, and to you as a person. Call us today and find out how martial arts is THE way to get into shape, stay fit, and improve your life.


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"I have trained here for about 2 years now. I have lost over 20kg, gained confidence, humbleness, met some fantastic people and learned serious Muay Thai techniques and conditioning" - Mathiu