Holiday Camps

At JAI Martial Arts we offer holiday camps throughout the school holiday break. With each break in term featuring two weeks off, we host two separate camps. The first week is for senior ranked children preparing for their end of year black belt gradings, while the second week is for blue belts and above. Holiday Camps last 3 days and run from 9am till 3pm with breaks in between for morning tea and lunch.

WEEK 1 CAMP: A great way for your child to stay ahead of the pack while they work with the instructors on their grading syllabus. Each day they will learn, practice and perfect their grading requirements ensuring they get the highest possible mark on grading day. At the conclusion of the camp every child is tested to see how well they know their requirements. 

WEEK 2 CAMP: A great way to get the kids off the computer and active! The second week of camp features games and activities. Some of the favourite games include Dodge ball, Black Ninja and Tornado Kick Soccer. In addition to this your child will learn other Martial Art styles such as Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. You’re child will have a great time and will give you some rest at night when they fall asleep early.

Camp dates are displayed on the club notice board as we approach each term break. Numbers in each camp are limited so act fast to secure your spot.