Special Event Classes

Each month there is a “Special Event Class” for all belt levels from Blue Belt onwards. These classes are designed to further improve your child’s ability and provide extra help with things they may be struggling with. Each class lasts for 2 hours and are held on Friday evening from 6pm till 8pm, or Saturday afternoons from 1.30pm till 3.30pm. A complete list of special event classes are emailed to members on our mailing list, and are displayed on the club notice board.

Combatives Club

The ULTIMATE Self Defence and Bully Busting Class: THREE Martial Art Systems in ONE. Students will learn Kanzen Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo Self Defence and Take Down: Mixed Martial Arts. In this program your child will safely learn a variety of techniques including - self defence against grabs, chokes and strikes, getting out of common school ground attacks - headlocks, mounted positions, 2 on 1 attacks, etc, defending the legs and face from kicks and punches, plus much more. This program is held once a month and is available to students from Yellow Belt level and beyond.


As scary as it may be for the kids, sparring is a way to test their skills, knowledge and ability in a safe and controlled environment. At JAI we spend a lot of time drilling techniques that will help boost your child's confidence levels. From red belt onwards, sparring is a mandatory requirement in all gradings. Safety is our number one priority, and all students must wear World Taekwondo Federation APPROVED sparring gear.

Fight Club

For teens and adults in our Muay Thai and MMA program, this two hour class will teach you how to use the skills you have learnt in Muay Thai and MMA against an opponent. Students will put into practice the offensive and defensive skills they have learnt in class in a safe, controlled environment. Partnered with conditioning and fitness, this class will get you Fight Ready!