Benefits of Pad Work

November 7, 2018

Exercise comes in many forms – Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, Yoga and Pilates, Swimming…..basically anything that keeps you active and burning calories can be deemed as ‘exercise’. But there is one form of exercise that many fear, that dirty C word that strikes fear in the hearts of many grown adults – ‘Cardio’.

The human body is made to move, and unfortunately in todays world we spend most of it sitting down. Whether you’re sitting at a desk in front of a computer, on the couch in front of the TV, or in the car/bus/train commuting to work, the list is endless. We sit for extended periods of time, sometimes because we have to, and other times because we want to.

While we identified exercise as anything that gets you moving and your heart rate up, Cardiovascular exercise is a little more specific. This type of exercise engages major muscle groups like your arms or legs (or both). Because the major muscle groups are working harder the body needs more oxygen as your heart rate increases and the heavy breathing kicks in. This form of exercises is harder than the afternoon walk around the block, but the benefits from cardio outweighs the mild discomfort of cardio training.

One form of cardio training that is enjoyable is pad work. Here are our TOP 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE DOING PAD WORK:

1. Learn something practical: Our Certified Trainers will teach you correct techniques as you punch, elbow, kick and knee your way through the pad workout. Once you’ve got the basics they’ll start creating combinations that are easy to follow, soon you’ll be flowing through with 3-8 hit combinations with precision, correct technique, and ease.

2. Cardio that is enjoyable: Perhaps jumping on the row machine and burning 400 calories in a session isn’t for everyone. Pad work gets you interacting with the trainers as they create attacking and defending combinations for you. You’ll laugh, you’ll sweat, and you’ll have fun!

3. Move the body: Moving major muscle groups is a must in pad work. Without noticing you’ll be engaging everything from your shoulders to your feet. Imagine throwing a right handed punch – power starts from the floor as you set your feet, as you rotate your hips engaging your core and legs you’ll be throwing a thunderous right hand punch where the knuckles are striking the target but is supported by the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

4. It is Safe: Our trainers will work with you and they’ll cater the session to your fitness and skill level. Getting tired? They’ll slow the session down and get you moving more as you catch your breath. Feeling pumped for more? They’ll be calling out more and more combinations. Our trainers won’t be wearing gloves so you won’t have to fear punches coming at your face either.

5. The Calorie Burn: You’ll be burning calories throughout your session. Each round lasts 3 minutes, and while the trainer will cater that round to your fitness level, you won’t be doing nothing for long. If you’re not throwing combinations, you’re moving around, you are always moving! Following your round is a 1 minute break, long enough to recover, but never a full recovery.

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