Term 4 Classes

October 14, 2019

Term 4 Training is set to resume from Monday 14th October. Please see below when your classes resume from:

Muay Thai Kids: Monday 14th October
Taekwondo Kids: Monday 14th October
Taekwondo Teens/Adult: Monday 14th October
Muay Thai Teens/Adult: Monday 14th October
Kenpo: Teens/Adult: Monday 14th October
Metabolic Burn: Tuesday 15th October
Kicking Dragons: Tuesday 15th October
Kenpo Kids: Tuesday 15th October
Muay Thai Fit: Saturday 19th October
JAI Fit: Sunday 20th October
Kicking Dragons Pre Schoolers: Sunday 20th October

Please note:
Classes will resume from the day mentioned above.
All programs are back to their normal training times and days.