2018 Black Belt Presentations

December 9, 2018

Join us on Sunday 16th December from 1pm as we present the 2018 Black Belt Class their well deserved belts.

On the day we will be presenting Junior and Senior Taekwondo Black Belts, and Kenpo Black Belts. Students receiving their belts must be in full uniform.

This year, we have a large number of students who have graded to their Black Belt who started with us in our Kicking Dragon program. We are extremely proud of them for the obstacles they have overcome, their commitment and dedication to their training, and for not giving up and quitting because things were getting harder. We thank the parents for their continued support in our program, and for continuously being a positive supporter by encouraging them to come to class each week. I’m sure some days were harder than others, but thank you for trusting us and trusting in the process that produces Black Belts on the mats, and successful people off the mats.

We look forward to seeing students, family members and friends on Sunday for this special event.