Muay Thai Pad Work

Muay Thai Pad Work

One on One Training with our Certified Muay Thai Trainers.
All Muay Thai Trainers have been personally Certified by Grandmaster Toddy – the only person who can give Thai Government Approved Certification.

What is Muay Thai Pad Work?

A one on one class that focuses on Boxing and Muay Thai techniques with one of our Trainers. You will punch, elbow, kick and knee your way through various rounds with our Thai Certified Muay Thai Trainers.

Each round is 3 minutes long and follows with a 1 minute break. You can book 3 Rounds, all the way up to the ultimate 20 Rounds. Your session will be catered to your skill and fitness level, so beginners are always welcome.

The Benefits of Muay Thai Pad Work:

* Classes are tailored to your experience so theyre suitable for ALL levels of skill and fitness.
* Private Class environment where our trainers will help correct your technique. You will be working one on one!
* A cardio workout you will LOVE! You will burn calories, learn some new skills and have fun in the process.

This class is suitable for new students, current students, students in different martial art programs, men, women and children from 9.

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