Benefits of a Trial Class


We recommend booking in for a Trial Class first when you’re considering what program is right for your child. At JAI Martial Arts, we charge $25 for a Trial Class in our children program. Read below why our Trial Class service is beneficial for your child:

  • In the Trial Class, we will allocate one of our instructors to work with your child. Martial Arts is about Self Defence, but it’s also about Character Development. Confidence is an important trait that we hope to develop with our students. Some children are a little shy when they first start, by giving them the opportunity to work with one of our instructors, we’re slowly building up their confidence in the program – we don’t keep a new student with the entire class and expect them to follow along.
  • While working with one of our instructors, your child will learn some of the basics and fundamentals of the program. They are essentially benefitting from a mini Private Class where our instructor can slowly progress them through the skills, provide feedback and correction, and help build a strong foundation of skill that we can continue to work on.
  • As the lesson progresses, they will also have the opportunity to join in with some small group activity – giving them the opportunity to be a part of the class, and the whole class activity. Generally, the whole class activity involves Team Competition, Fitness Drills and Martial Art Themed Activities designed to improve team work, repetition of skill, and sportsmanship.
  • Following the Trial Class, if your child enjoys the program we will DEDUCT the trial class fee from the Term booking payment (this applies to all bookings made early in the Term). If our program has not interested your child, they at least have picked up some new skills, and you have not booked them in for an entire Term.

The Trial Class service is a great option for parents when you’re considering the right program for your child. Our Teaching Staff will invest in your child’s development and make them feel a welcomed part of the JAI Community.

We look forward to welcoming you to the school whenever you’re ready to book in for a Trial Class. Please click here to make a web booking, or you can contact the school at your convenience.