Metabolic Burn

Bodyweight Training – Resistance Training – 50 seconds on the clock


This program was designed for those with little free time on their hands – parents, students, those with a day off etc. With exercising you want to maximise your time, you don’t want to spend longer than needed to get a great workout. With that in mind, METABOLIC BURN was created.

Metabolic Burn focuses on compound movements which target multiple muscles at the one time. You will perform movements for a set period of time with little rest in between exercises. In doing so we maximise our calorie burn and increase our metabolic rate both during and after your workout.

Frequently Asked Questions about Metabolic Burn:

Q. What is the structure of the session?
A. After a warm up we’ll go through the 10 exercise movements that you will be performing. Each movement will combine a mixture of Body Weight Exercises, Resistance Based Exercises and Martial Art Movements. Each exercise is performed for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds rest before moving to the next one. Once all 10 exercises have been completed you’ll enjoy a longer rest before doing all the exercises again. In total there are 3 rounds.

Q. Is it a circuit based class like JAI Fit or Muay Thai Fit?
A. Yes and No. Unlike Muay Thai Fit and JAI Fit, you’ll stay in your training area for the entire time. In the majority of sessions you’ll stay in your area with your resistance equipment waiting to be used.

Q. Can anyone do it?
A. Ages of 16 and over. Because you are exercising for a period of time there is no rush to complete a set amount of repetitions. Depending on the weight you have selected, your fitness levels and your fatigue level, perform as many repetitions that you can within the time frame. We encourage all fitness levels to give the class a go.

Q. When are the classes?
A. Keep an eye out for our School Holiday Timetable where we will be running Metabolic Burn, JAI Fit and Muay Thai Fitness.