All Classes Available for Booking (UPDATED)

June 13, 2020

Class size increase has been approved.

We now have all of our programs available for pre booking. Please note that the timetable has changed for some programs as we look at ways to ease congestion and traffic flow. Under the new guidelines we will limit class size to 20, with no more than 100 in the building. We will follow distancing measures and proper hygiene will be enforced. Temperature checks will also be recorded before students can train. For families who pre book, we will give you details on how to make payment. Once payment has been made, your spot is secured.

Please Note: Because of the restrictions students will need to be BOOKED IN for their class. No casual attendance and no trial classes during this time. If you’re not on the list, you won’t be permitted to enter the training area.

We thank you all for your continued support in our programs.

Please see below the first group of classes available for booking.


Term Dates:
Saturday 13th June to Saturday 4th July.


Taekwondo: Teens and Adult – All Belts (from 15th June)
Monday and Wednesday at 5pm AND 6pm

Muay Thai: Teens and Adult (from 15th June)
Monday and Wednesday at 7pm

Kenpo: Teens and Adult (from 15th June)
Monday and Wednesday at 8pm

Taekwondo: Kids – Blue with Black Stripe and Above (from 16th June)
Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm
Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm
Thursday at 7pm

Muay Thai Fit
Saturday 7.30am

Kicking Dragons – All Belts: Ages 4-7 (from 20th June)
Saturday 9.30am
Saturday 10am

Taekwondo: Kids – White to Green Belt (from 20th June)
Saturday 10.45am – from 20th June

Taekwondo: Kids – Green with Black Stripe and Above (from 20th June)
Saturday 11.45am – from 20th June


Please contact us to book and secure a spot in these classes.

ZOOM classes online will continue to run at the times and days already given.
Our next list of programs available for booking will come out on Monday.
Please refer to your email for all the details regarding booking and attendance.