JAI Programs in Schools

November 29, 2018

Did you know the JAI Martial Arts has worked with several Primary and High Schools in the Sydney region over the past years?

Led by Grandmaster Joe, Master Chris and our Instructor Team, we have been lucky to teach our programs to students from schools such as St Aidans (Maroubra), The French School of Sydney (Maroubra), St Thereses (Mascot), Champagnat Catholic School (Pagewood), Maroubra Junction Primary School (Maroubra), McAuley Primary School (Rosebay), Brigidine College (Randwick), Randwick Girls High School (Randwick), Moriah College (Queens Park), Sydney Girls High School (Surry Hills), and more.

Our Programs are tailored towards the needs of the school and the students:

  • Self Defence Programs: Teaching girls basic self defence, situation awareness and body awareness techniques to help build confidence, understanding and awareness of various threatening situations.
  • Assessment Based Programs: A detailed curriculum where students learn new skills and are tested on their knowledge. Marks contribute towards their results.
  • Fitness Based Programs: Specific fitness based programs designed to teach basic Martial Art techniques with the goal being movement, participation and fun.
  • Presentation Programs: Students learn various techniques and movements with the goal of presenting to parents and students in Assembly.
  • After Schools Programs: Students learn Martial Arts as part of their after school activities while waiting for parents to pick them up.
  • Martial Art Based Programs: Students learn a specific Martial Art based program such as Taekwondo, Muay Thai or Mixed Martial Arts. The goal is to introduce students to something new and different while encouraging participation, safety and class bonding.

Why should you choose JAI Martial Arts to work with your school:

  • Classes are taught to our high standard and they encourage students to be active and participate in something engaging and fun. Our programs are safe and easy to follow.
  • You can bring your students to us and give them the opportunity to train in a Full Time Martial Arts and Fitness Centre. The same school that has created many Champions, School Leaders and housed many International Martial Artists.
  • If coming to our school doesn’t fit in your schedule, we can bring our Team and equipment to you.
  • All of our programs are expertly designed by Master Chris who is a former Primary and High School Teacher. He understands the needs of the students and the school and designs the program to suit.
  • All of of our instructors have Working with Children Checks and are familiar with working with students from the ages of 4 and up.

5 Ways a Martial Art based program will benefit your school:

  • Exercise: We offer an alternative to the standard exercise programs. Your students will have the opportunity to learn from Internationally Certified Taekwondo Black Belts, as well as Thai Government Certified Muay Thai Trainers and Instructors. Students will participate in the 3 key elements of exercise while learning Martial Arts – Strength Training, Endurance and Flexibility.
  • Discipline: A core component to all Martial Arts. Developing discipline is a key life skill that will help your students succeed in the future.
  • Confidence: Martial Arts is a great way to develop confidence. Our programs continually set mini goals and obstacles, giving students the opportunity to overcome them is a powerful tool.
  • Respect: Heavily tied in with all schools, respect is about treating others with value. In all that we do in the Martial Art programs we constantly encourage respect towards fellow students and instructors.
  • Focus: With more and more children spending more and more time on social media, watching TV and playing video games, being focused on something not technological is important. Martial Arts can benefit those with short attention spans who need to develop their focus and listening skills.

Our school based programs tie in with the regular programs we run at JAI Martial Arts. Students will be taught the basics of Martial Arts while being physically active, they will be taught in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes confidence, respect and discipline. The common notion that Martial Arts is violent is false. Martial Arts is a self defence program the promote exercise and movement, and also serves as a Life Skills Program to help equip individuals with the many obstacles life has to offer.

For more information about our School based programs be sure to contact us in the LOCATION & CONTACT section.