Online Learning – First Stage

April 1, 2020

Have you subscribed to our YouTube page?

We’ve set up a new playlist titled ‘Train at Home’. In the folder you’ll find some mini lessons, workouts and forms and movements that students and families can practice during the extended break. These are completely FREE and we hope it provides an opportunity for the JAI community to get back into training. Every day (or second day), well post new content, so be sure to subscribe.

Some ideas in how to use the Train at Home option:

  • FaceTime with classmates and train together.
  • Set aside an ‘Activity’ portion in their morning/afternoon where the kids get away from school work and electronics, and do 10-15 minutes of exercise and movement.
  • Set aside family time where the entire family gets involved in the training. This is a great opportunity for parents and siblings to learn some new things too.

What’s coming to our YouTube page:

  • Kicking Dragon and Taekwondo Mini Lessons, Forms and Movement drills
  • Muay Thai Mini Lessons, Forms and Movement drills
  • Kenpo Forms and Movement drills
  • Home Workouts: Partner and Solo, Bodyweight and Resistance Based.