The Importance of Goal Setting

October 9, 2018

Children, teens and even adults are in need of guidance. One lesson intrinsically taught in Martial Arts is Goal Setting – something that becomes more and more important as we grow older.

Knowing HOW to set goals is important because setting goals is a key element to success. Setting a target that you want to reach (and exceed) is crucial. Without this target, your goal can be misguided, or the path to achieving it may take longer than needed. In most cases a goal without a plan will fail because the individual will give up in its pursuit – how many New Years Resolutions have you actually achieved?

So how does Martial Arts teach your child about Goal Setting? Let’s look at 5 examples:

1. It gives them the ability to VISUALISE: In Martial Arts we use belts as a symbol of rank and achievement. Kids see the level they are currently at, they see the next level they are training towards, and they ultimately see the Black Belt. Visualising allows the student to see where they want to get to.

2. They APPRECIATE the process: Through hard work children see how they climb the belt ranks. They begin to trust in training and trust that the hard work will be rewarded. They are constantly achieving goals with every belt testing. Success is a process, its not overnight.

3. They UNDERSTAND their skills and ability: Martial Arts helps to build confidence, children begin to see how far they have progressed and how skilled they are. It further proves to children that hard work pays off and they are making progress towards their goal.

4. They understand the VALUE of Hard Work: Talent doesn’t necessarily equal success. Hard Work and commitment to your goal is what will result in success.

5. Help OVERCOME Fear: Fear is natural. Martial Arts helps to teach us that fear is not the enemy. Fear prevents people from trying new things and making big decisions. Courage is the ability to face fear and act. Isn’t this what we want of our children? The ability to overcome the many obstacles they will face in life?

Setting Goals helps us to get closer towards achieving our targets. By instilling his early on, we are preparing kids for the exciting future that awaits them. There is more to Martial Arts than just kicking and punching!