Timed Interval Training

November 7, 2017

One of the key components of our two fitness based classes – JAI Fit and Muay Thai Fit – is that they both work on the concept of Timed Interval Training. This style of training has quickly become the superior option over the regular repetition (or rep) based style of training.

The key difference between the two is that Timed Training involves working for a short period of time (for example 40 seconds), resting and then repeating. While Rep Based Training involves performing movements for the target repetition number (for example 8). Our goal when working with Timed Intervals is to accomplish as much work as possible, with as much effort as possible, in as little time as possible. With everyone having different levels of fitness and ability, this will have different meanings to everyone. The key point however is that this style of training provides great benefits to those looking to burn fat and build lean muscle without spending a long time at the gym.

While Rep Based Training has many benefits and can be included into a workout plan, we’ve found great success with Time Based Training for those wanting to burn fat and build lean muscle, rather than those looking for muscular hypertrophy. Here are some of the reasons why we choose Timed Intervals to help clients get results:

It’s Efficient:
This style of training allows you to perform more work in less time. In our 45 minute workouts you’ll work through a series of movements within a specific period of time, rest, and then repeat. With free time being a problem for many, the 45 minute workout is guaranteed to get your body moving as you burn fat and build lean muscle.

More Output:
Research confirms that this style of training focuses on the client producing more output (total number of reps performed) in the specific time frame. While longer steady cardio (running, riding a bike etc) has benefits, the shorter work periods aim to produce higher output. Coupled with short rest periods, this contributes to burning more calories both during and after the workout has finished – known as the after burn effect, the body is burning calories to repair itself from the workout, and to help bring the body back to its natural state.

By not focusing on numbers, this style of training allows you to focus on the technique and movements you are performing. In doing so you are limiting your risk of injury, and as your fitness and technique progresses, so too will your ability to move heavier weights with the correct technique – again reducing your risk of injury.

All Skill and Fitness Levels:
Timed Training allows all fitness levels to train together. Our classes feature parents getting back into exercise, regular students who train multiple times per week, and those looking to find their new addiction! With Timed Training everyone can train together, with small tweaks to the Resistance they move, or the extra breaks they take, the Team can train together and be a source of motivation for one another. The end result is you achieving more.

With this style of training we can afford the luxury of variety. In our workouts you might move from Suspension Straps, to Dumbbells, to Ab Wheel Rollers, to hitting Heavy Bags, to Battle Rope exercises, the list is endless! This variety allows you to mix things up, have a total body workout and have a little fun at the same time.

If you’re someone looking to lose weight, an athlete looking to improve their fitness, someone who wants to improve their performance and muscle growth, or just looking to improve their general health and fitness, Timed Based Interval Training could be the missing thing from your Training.