What to expect on your first lesson – Kids Programs

November 23, 2018

An exciting time for kids – and parents – their very first Martial Arts Class.

Just like attending pre school or school for the very first time, kids will have different reactions on their first Martial Arts Lesson. Maybe you can identify with the following behaviours:
1. They will walk in full of confidence and ready to jump on the mats.
2. They will be extremely shy and will be clinging for life onto your leg. It might take a little convincing from one of our instructors for them to jump on the mats, but they do – eventually.
3. They are full of confidence and eager to go BUT then become completely shy as soon as they see the doors open to the training area.

Kids are different in their response, but one thing remains the same – they will absolutely LOVE their first training session at JAI Martial Arts. Some tips to help make the transition a little smoother:
1. At times kids can exaggerate just a little bit when it comes time for them to join the class. In most instances we will ask you to let our instructors bring the kids onto the mats. Parents are more than welcome to wait in the waiting area and watch the class from the glass partition. We like to seperate the training area and the waiting area so that our students can concentrate on the class with limited distractions.
2. If your child is adamant they will not come onto the mats, we can invite one parent to join the class and sit on the side. For some kids having their parent there will make a big difference and their confidence in participating will be higher. We do ask that after your child settles to quietly exit the training area.
3. If all attempts fail and your child does not want to participate on their own or with a parent on the side, we strongly encourage you to try again another day. Martial Arts is an amazing gift and one of the Life Skills learnt in our programs is not giving up and being resilient. We have had a lot of success with children who have struggled to start. It might take a lesson or two (or maybe more), but soon your child will see that Martial Arts training is fun and enjoyable, and it will be a part of their weekly schedule.

When considering our Martial Art programs we recommend doing a Trial Lesson first. A trial lesson is an opportunity to participate in the class before signing up. Here is what typically happens in a Trial Lesson:
1. Your child will begin the class with all of the students. They will learn the warm up as they prepare their body for exercise and movement.
2. In most instances your child will then work with one of our instructors in a Private or Semi Private Class environment. This will give our instructor an opportunity to work with your child on some of the Fundamentals of our Program and will help your child to feel a part of the class as they begin their Martial Arts journey.
3. After a period of time your child may then move into the group with the other students of the same level – beginner level students. Here they will be able to apply everything they have learnt on the Kicking Pads with a partner, an instructor, or in Martial Art Themed Activities.
Trial Lessons must be booked as we take a limited number per class. Trial Lessons are only $25 and if you sign up within the week we will deduct that cost from the Term Fees.

Please contact us if you would like to book in for a lesson or have any questions regarding our Kids Programs. We look forward to working with you and your family as we create Confident, Resilient and Focused Kids.